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"Indeed, master," I was still baffled by the story. Master Windu and three other masters overwhelmed by the Chancellor and Skywalker? Impossible.

I pondered this story for the next few hours, watching the gentle glow of hyperspace pass by.
"Prepare to initiate sublight thrusters," Klagen announced.
"Yes master," I quickly replied and carried out his orders.
I called over Gi'in Gandaer, one of the other knights, to take over my post. He obliged and I proceeded down towards the aft where Gandon was meditating. He drew back his hood.
"Master, we have reached the orbit of Ord Mantell," I informed him. "We will be landing on the surface soon."
Gandon nodded slightly and replaced his hood, mumbling something I couldn't understand.

A few other cruiser's came into view, the other survivors, along with half a dozen jedi starfighters. We all formed a small fleet and proceeded down towards the atmosphere.

The planet's surface became more visible. It was a dark planet, it's seas reflecting the crimson glow of the orbiting moons.
"We will make camp in a mountain range just north of a small community," Klagen stated across the intercomm. "There we will decide what to do next. Agreed?"
They all answered in turn as we began the descent onto the surface.

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