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People should be allowed to say whatever they like, I believe it is the attitude of people that matters more than mere words. Franklin Roosevelt said it another way, that we have "freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear." Like all things how we choose to use that freedom can be harmful. Words can incite others to war: Osama Bin Laden did this when he rallied the Islamic world to Jihad, using the presence of American military bases on sovereign soil as one of the reasons. To have the attitude of waging war on the world, which is Bin Laden's intent, is wrong. For something you're probably familiar with drivers on the roads may do something stupid, say swerve in and out of traffic. Are they doing it because of inexperiance or doing it just to be an ass? Same with speech: one good example I can think of is suggesting the idea of donating blood to someone who is gay. If you didn't know then fair enough, but if you do know and say it because you know they are gay, that's hardly right either is it?
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