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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Where's the difference in the result that he swerves in and out of traffic?
Intent. Is he deliberately trying to make things harder for other road users?

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Gay people are not allowed to donate blood. Suggesting the idea to someone without knowing their sexual preference is one thing, but doing it with the knowledge that they are gay and making the comment because it would hopefully upset them is quite another.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Yes, but did his speech physically cause the sufferings of Sept. 11 or the act of flying planes into the WTC?
If you mean him taunting the families of the victims of September 11 then yes I think the videos he sends in are intended to cause fear, grief and anger. Amrozi bin Nurhasyim, one of the terrorists behind the Bali bombings, sought to upset everyone he possinly could as much as he possibly could. I won't repeat the things he's done, suffice to say he deliberately set out to cause distress and anger to everyone he could, far more so than Bin Laden.
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