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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Intent. Is he deliberately trying to make things harder for other road users?
And yet, I have in both cases a problem with a car "tingeling along", even more, the intentional wrong-driver is expected to do crap, which might be advantageous in avoiding a crash.

Gay people are not allowed to donate blood. Suggesting the idea to someone without knowing their sexual preference is one thing, but doing it with the knowledge that they are gay and making the comment because it would hopefully upset them is quite another.
If this is the rule, where is the problem? We provide a hotline for our customers, every customer of us can get help there. Our customers can, if they want, make a contract with us, so they will pay a monthly amount instead of paying per call. They also get preferred help when they have contracts. Now everytime one of the customers without a contract calls, I'll have to tell him that this call will cost money and he will get an invoice if I will help him. Do you suggest I should not tell him that he's treated different to avoid that the customer gets upset (what actually happens on a pretty regular base)?

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