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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Yes, but that was not my point. The point is, you are not allowed to react like this towards verbal "offense". And by attacking the racist you put him in a position where he can say "Look what this guy has done to me!", and you will most probably cause other racist not only to attack verbally but physically, maybe your friend's daughter is being raped because you took too much offense from a stupid word.
First of all don't think I'm trying to bait you into an argument, as Spider AL think I'm always doing when I post.

As for your point: I was brought up to reply to racist names like that with anger and violence.
So, I became very aggressive toward racist fools like those.
Being a pacifist just don't work with people with that much hate in them and flawed beliefs.
If I let them get away with it, by not putting them into their place.
Physical violence will be their next course of action.
That might get my ass killed in the next encounter with *******s like those type of people.
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