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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
First of all, I'm not thinking you're trying to bait me into an argument, nor do I think Spider AL says things he hasn't been thinking about carefully before. I'm not really sure why exactly he says you might be a troll, although I'm almost certain it's because of your .. unconventional style of debating things in here, and maybe he says it because he'd like you to think about it. That he's said it, is none of my business, nonetheless. After all I can think for myself, and noone has been attacked, personally.
Cool !

I think Skinwalker going to end up editing our posts here, since we are talking about something else entirely.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Being pacifist will more likely get others on your side than being "the same *******" as the racist is would do.
You know in some of these situations in my experience and the experience of others, this seem to fail.
And those that I know end up being seriously injured and some of who I don't know the experience of or don't know, end up being dead.

Originally Posted by Ray Jones
That's wrong. Anger and violence are most probably going to cause more of itself, and are a most unfortunate choice of "weapon".
That maybe true at first glance but the people who don't take this course of action end up being dead later in my observance of the 10:00 P.M. news.

I don't like violence personally but in some situations that threaten my life, I will use it gladly.

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