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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Ah, but he has. Rallied the Muslim world against the West, involved in September 11 and skiting about it. As I said there's nothing wrong with speech, it's how you use it.
There's also the possibility that Muslim extremists don't like the fact that the U.S. gives more foreign aid to Israel than any other country and not one loan we've given to Israel has been paid back (although there are a number of "black bag jobs" in South America that Israel carried out for us). There's also the fact that we used most countries there as pawns in during the Cold War and simply left them after they were torn apart by war. There's also the fact that we've stationed troops in many of their holy cities in Saudi Arabia in order to kiss the asses of the corrupt government in place there so that we can get their oil, even though Russia and Canada are thought to have the world's largest oil reserves beneath the miles of permafrost in both countries. Or maybe the fact that in Africa we back ruthless warlords instead of more qualified Muslim leaders just because they're aren't Islamic set them off. I dunno.

My point is: there are a lot better reasons for Islamic extremists to hate the Western world (and America in particular) than Osama bin Laden giving a speech. My point is also backed up by the fact that Islamic extremists have been around for quite some time (since before the time Osama bin Laden was being trained by the CIA to fight the Soviets), and have been killing people in many regions of the world.

In terms of freedom of speech, I believe that censorship is wrong just because someone might get upset, although I do draw a distinction between expressing one's opinion and being an ass. I also believe that if you insult someone who hates you, they'll be more likely to take it seriously than someone you're on good terms with.


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