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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
Ah. You stress the hoping part of it? (I mean there should be not problem in saying "Sorry, gays are not allowed to donate blood.") Where's the problem, except it being highly amoral?
The problem lies in trying to upset others. Are people allowed or should people be allowed to torment and persecute, in this case, homosexuals or other minority groups? No, they are entitled to the same rights as everyone else, even criminals, terrorists, rapists and pedophiles have rights. They don't deserve them but they do.

Originally Posted by jmac7142
There's also the possibility that Muslim extremists don't like the fact that the U.S. gives more foreign aid to Israel than any other country and not one loan we've given to Israel has been paid back (although there are a number of "black bag jobs" in South America that Israel carried out for us).
There's many crimes to hold against America and the West. Governments and militaries the world over have lots to answer for, and terrorists in all honesty would be seen as more legitimate if their attacks were on these targets. What right do they have however to kill people who are in no way involved in the affairs of the government? None. They lose every shred of creditbility when they choose to attack civillian targets

Originally Posted by jmac7142
In terms of freedom of speech, I believe that censorship is wrong just because someone might get upset, although I do draw a distinction between expressing one's opinion and being an ass.
Exactly, people should be free to say or view what they wish, anything they wish. But there are times, inciting racial hatred and declaring that women deserve to be raped are two, where the sons of bitches should be fried because they are actively participating in trying to bring about the view that, say, the Jews are vermin to be exterminated. Likewise for child pornography because, well, a child was sexually abused to make that product.
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