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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
The problem lies in trying to upset others. Are people allowed or should people be allowed to torment and persecute, in this case, homosexuals or other minority groups? No, they are entitled to the same rights as everyone else, even criminals, terrorists, rapists and pedophiles have rights. They don't deserve them but they do. ...
... people should be free to say or view what they wish, anything they wish. But there are times, inciting racial hatred and declaring that women deserve to be raped are two, where the sons of bitches should be fried because they are actively participating in trying to bring about the view that, say, the Jews are vermin to be exterminated. Likewise for child pornography because, well, a child was sexually abused to make that product.
I agree. I've been thinking a bit about the discussion we had about what can be said and what not. I figured that I of course do not support what Bin Laden said, for instance. He, due to freedom of speech, has the right to say his things, as it seems to be his opinion. But I consider it to be kind of amoral to say things like this. Yes, everyone should be free to express whatever opinion he has, using any words he'd like to, but calling for violence against others (among other things you mentioned) hurts the dignity of others and as such has to be avoided, especially in public. It is simply amoral behaviour, which is, according to another thread, not nice.

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