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Originally Posted by Sabretooth
And, I would recommend people to revise their votes as well. And that reminds me, shouldn't the Ahtonaut awards start shortly?
I was considering starting that too, but I thought someone like Hallucination (Hosted it last year) or another frequent Ahtonaut should host it. I'll put my votes there too. There should be a category called Ocassional Ahtonaut. I might get that one. Oh and when the final results are counted, only one winner will get the award, unless it is a tie and the Fics, Writers will recieve links to their Profiles and Fics. Oh and I've also added Best Art, since there has been more art recently.

Edit: My revised Votes (Please note, revised Votes will count, along with the old Votes):

Best Character: Jae Onasi from The Adventures of Jolee Bindo
Best Created Character: Admiral Ancete from Admiral Ancete by Sabretooth
Best Hero: Revan Skywalker from KOTOR III: The Second Sith War by Master Jimmy
Best Heroine: Jae Onasi from The Adventures of Jolee Bindo by Jae Onasi
Best Villian: Darth Qollous from Jaden Korr - Darth Qollous by Sabretooth
Best Villainess: Tara (Dark Side) from Mace Windu: Jedi Master Reborn by RC-1162
Best Plot: The Adventures of Jolee Bindo by Jae Onasi
Best Plot Twist: In The Crystal of Life when John is Linduu Onasi's father
Most Underrated Fic: Amongst the Ruins
Most Original/Creative Fanfic: Darth Yoda: Power of the Dark Side by Darth Grivis
Most Addictive Fanfic: The Plight of Darkness by ForceFightWMe12
Best Sequel: Galactic Conquest II: Rebel Rebound by RC-1162
Best Trilogy: The Heart of the Guardian Trilogy by JediMaster12
Best Written/Best Grammar: Jae Onasi
Best Writer: Jae Onasi
Most Improved Writer: Darth Grivis/CSI: Nihilus
Most Improved Fic: The CSI series by CSI: Nihilus
Best Art: Torthane's Art
Best Short Fanfiction: Pookie by Jae Onasi
Best Fanfiction: The Adventures of Jolee Bindo by Jae Onasi

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