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Chapter I - First Assignment

Aboard the Iron Fist, in the communications console room, the Neimoidian who had talked to the pilot of the Republic cruiser left the room. He decided to tell his master of what had happened. Opposite the communications room was the bridge of the Iron Fist. In this room, his master looked out over Tatooine. His master was Slobba the Hutt. Like all of the Hutt species, Slobba was an obese creature, which never moved from his platform, as he was incapable of doing so.

Slobba was disturbed from his thoughts, as the door opposite him opened and he sensed his favourite assistant, the Neimoidian, Kav.

Leave me,” Slobba told his Twi’lek servants, in his language of Huttese, before turning his attention to Kav, “Is this important? I want to see my beautiful ships return with the nova and ore crystals.”

“My lord, I sense a Jedi aboard the incoming Republic cruiser,” Kav told Slobba.

Slobba chuckled out loud, like most of his species did.

A Jedi?” He asked, “I didn’t request a Jedi to see me and my dealings. As soon as the Jedi’s cruiser lands, send the Iron Fist’s Droids to kill the Jedi. If the Jedi survives, bring the Jedi to me and I shall use my growing power of the Force to kill the Jedi and use the Jedi’s power for me to feed on the Force in the Jedi.”

Kav bowed, confused about Slobba’s plans.

“As you wish my lord,” Kav told Slobba, before leaving the room.

As soon as Kav left, one of Slobba’s Twi’lek assistants pushed a cortosis crystal into his back. His power was becoming more powerful every minute.


“We’ve arrived,” The pilot told Sera, as the cruiser landed inside one of the many hangars of the Iron Fist, “I shall wait for your return.”

Sera nodded to the pilot and pulled the hood of her brown Jedi robe to hide her face. She walked down the loading ramp, but she could sense a disturbance in the Force. Luckily for her, Sera had mastered a certain Force power. A Force power that made a clone of herself, which could be killed easily. Sera turned on her Stealth Field Generator belt, which made her invisible. She decided to remain invisible to see what would happen. Soon several Assassin Droids arrived. Sera estimated that one thousand of them had decided to greet her clone. Suddenly, the cruiser she had travelled on blew up. It was then that Sera realised that the Iron Fist had destroyed the cruiser. Sera used the Force to command her clone to get out the cloned Lightsaber. The clone ignited the clone Lightsaber and stood armed and ready. Sera commanded the clone to run forward and attack several Assassin Droids. The clone managed to kill five of the Assassin Droids, before getting hit by a blaster shot and disappearing, Lightsaber and all. Sera noticed that opposite the door was open. She needed to find the Hutt and stop the dodgy dealings.


Slobba chuckled out loud. He was glad that the Jedi had been killed.

The Jedi has been killed!” He announced across the bridge, “Now we can enjoy my profits and I can become the greatest Force user in the galaxy.”

“Not today Hutt slime!” A voice shouted.

Slobba turned to see the Jedi turning off her Stealth Field Generator. She held a blaster pistol at him.

“Give it up Hutt,” She told Slobba, “I’m Sera Tana, padawan of the Jedi Order. On behalf of the Jedi Order, I order you to surrender and give up the smuggling.”

Slobba chuckled out loud once again, still surprised at how she survived.

Have the Jedi become so arrogant, they’ve forgotten how to use a Lightsaber?” Slobba asked cockily.

Sera ran towards the Neimoidian and held her blaster pistol at him.

“Give it up Hutt, or the Neimoidian gets it!” Sera warned Slobba.

Slobba said nothing and commanded his guards to grab Sera.

Take her away and throw her in an escape pod,” Slobba told the guards.

Sera struggled as the guards dragged her along.

“You’ll get your comeuppance!” Sera shouted, “Don’t worry, the Jedi shall put an end to your scheme, as soon as I return to Coruscant.”

As soon as Sera was out of sight, Slobba laughed out loud once again.

We’ll never see her again, Kav,” Slobba told Kav, as he continued to laugh.


In the escape pod hangar, the guards threw Sera into one of the escape pods. Sera continued to struggle.

“Before you get rid of me, tell your master that I’ll kill him,” Sera told them, “I’ll kill him!”

The guards ignored her and pressed a button to release the escape pod.
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