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Chapter II - Offering

Twelve years had passed since the events on the Iron Fist and both the Mandalorian Wars and the Jedi Civil War had passed. The now exile of the Jedi, Sera Tana was sitting in an escape pod similar to the one she had been thrown in, for being on the Iron Fist. Twelve years ago, Sera had told Slobba that he would get his comeuppance. And he certainly would.

In space, Sera watched from her escape pod, as her mission to destroy the Iron Fist was a success. A large ball of fire was above her, shattering the remains of the Iron Fist. Unfortunately, Slobba himself hadn’t been killed aboard the Iron Fist. Sera had found out that he was in his palace in the small mining facility of Anchorhead on Tatooine.

Nightfall had fallen over Anchorhead, as Sera crawled out of the fallen escape pod. Luckily, no one was about to see what had happened and those that were out, didn’t seem to care about it. Sera was glad no one had taken interest in her. She couldn’t afford her mission to get rid of Slobba to be a failure, like last time. According to her investigation in searching for Slobba’s palace, it was in Anchorhead. But every time Sera had been to Anchorhead in the past, there had never been a palace. Perhaps it was outside of Anchorhead in the Dune Sea. It was worth a try. Sera walked through the empty Anchorhead, her once brown robe, had now become a black robe, causing her to blend in with the darkness. The hood over her head hid her face from anyone, making her feel more comfortable. Sera sighed as she continued to walk through Anchorhead. Soon, Sera stopped to get out her comlink to contact her ship, the Ebon Hawk. While she was waiting for either of her two Droids, HK-47, the Assassin Droid or T3-M4, the Utility Droid, Sera noticed Slobba’s palace outside of Anchorhead.

“Statement: Greetings,” HK’s familiar voice told Sera, “What can I do for you Meatbag?”

Sera smiled at HK’s comment.

“Meatbag?” Sera asked, now laughing at the comment, “You haven’t received a memory wipe have you HK?”

“Statement: No way master,” HK told Sera, “Just a technical difficulty master. Do you need me for something?”

“Both you and T3…” Sera began.

“Disappointment: Master, the small bag of bolts can’t handle combat as much as I can,” HK interrupted, “Please don’t make him go with me.”

“HK, T3 can rescue you from some situations, just like you can save T3 in some situations,” Sera continued, “I need you both to go to Slobba’s palace. I’m sending you this transmission now for T3 to use to trick Slobba. Find Slobba and do whatever he says.”

“Statement: As you wish Meatbag… I mean master!” HK replied.

“Don’t worry HK, I will come for you soon enough,” Sera told HK, “Lock up the Ebon Hawk. I can’t afford the ship to be taken away, like last time on Telos.”

Sera remembered the time when Brianna the Handmaiden stole the Ebon Hawk for the Jedi Master Atris. Of course now, both Sera and Handmaiden had become best friends.


Inside Slobba’s palace, Slobba lay asleep on his platform, above the pit fight arena. Here Slobba watched either his pets or several of his servants fighting. Despite the fact that someone always died in these “death matches”, Slobba, his servants and his guests always got kicks out of it.

Kav walked towards Slobba and woke him up. Like all of the Hutt species, Slobba was in a bad mood to be awoken from his beauty sleep.

What do you want?” Slobba asked moodily, “I don’t like be awaken.”

“Master, I sense something,” Kav told Slobba.

The Force is strong with you Kav,” Slobba told him, “I sense something too. Two machines. They are planning to come to me. Turn off all the security systems. Greet them. We’ll find out their purpose.”


No buts Kav. I shall find out their purpose and perhaps use my now impossible power to convert them to my control. Now greet them Droids!”

“As you wish my lord.”

With that, Kav left the room, ready to greet the two “guests”.


HK and T3 left the Ebon Hawk, which was docked outside of Anchorhead, to save paying for docking purposes and to save attention. Across the lifeless Dune Sea, HK and T3 approached a large palace. As an Assassin Droid, HK observed that there was no security around the palace. Strange, HK thought, usually large places like this were usually guarded.

When the two Droids arrived at the large metal doors, they immediately opened, as if they were expected them both. A Neimoidian greeted them.

“Good evening, I’m Kav, Slobba the Hutt’s personal assistant,” He told the two Droids, “Both of us have been expecting you. Please follow me.”

Kav led the two Droids inside. The door closed behind them and threw the darkness, both Droids saw many of Slobba’s servants, including Humans, Twi’leks and Rodians. After walking through several corridors, Kav and the two Droids arrived in Slobba’s throne room. Kav walked to his master and stood on his platform.

“These are the two Droids, my master,” Kav told them, “I sense the short one has something in his databanks he wishes you to see.”

T3 beeped wildly, feeling offended by the comment of being “short”. He showed a hologram of Sera. Slobba was immediately interested in the hologram.

“Greetings slimy one,” Sera began.

Slobba immediately shouted and his small chubby arm smacked one of the Protocol Droids down. Kav calmed him down.

“I guessed that offended you,” Sera continued, “But this isn’t about offending you, Hutt. I’m someone you once met twelve years ago aboard your flagship, the Iron Fist,” The hologram started flickering on and off, before it returned to normal, “I’m here to offer you these two Droids for free, to serve you in whatever way you want…”

“Shock: What?” HK asked, surprised, “You stupid bag of bolts, you’re playing the wrong thing!”

T3 beeped angrily at HK, assuring him that this was the transmission, Sera had sent. Slobba laughed at the argument the two Droids were sharing. Soon HK and T3 stopped arguing and the hologram of Sera continued.

“I’m sorry for that Hutt. I suspected my two Droids would react to that. Anyway, I leave them in your care as a way of saying thank you, for throwing me out of that escape pod and letting me live.”

The hologram disappeared and Slobba laughed happily.

You’re now in my service,” Slobba told them, before turning to Kav, “Take them to the Droid maintenance bay. Tell them their new duties.”
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