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Chapter III - A Hutt’s Demise

Sera arrived at the palace, aware that the security was still off, which was lucky for her. She got out her Lightsaber and ignited it. A blue blade shone and Sera pushed the Lightsaber in the door. It caused the door to melt and Sera used it to make a hole in the door. Sera put away her Lightsaber and returned it to her belt. A Rodian approached her, but Sera raised her hand. She was using the Force to command the Rodian to leave her alone. Since the Rodian had a weak mind, the Rodian agreed and left her alone.

After walking through several corridors, Sera arrived at Slobba’s throne room. HK entered the room.

“Statement: Master, I’m glad you’re here to save me!” He shouted, aware that Slobba was awake, “The Hutt made me wear this fluffy dress!”

Sera had to stop herself from laughing at HK, whose pink dress hung from his waist downwards. T3 was next to Slobba, beeping away, holding a tray of glasses.

It’s you,” Slobba told Sera, “The Jedi who gave me these Droids.”

“Give?” Sera asked, “You’re wrong about that Hutt. I’ve lent them too you and now I want them back. Now!”

Slobba laughed out loud and everyone in the throne room, except Slobba and his Neimoidian assistant, got out their Lightsabers. Lightsabers?

“Strange,” Sera told Slobba, “I didn’t know your crew learnt how to use a Lightsaber?”

Kill her!” Slobba shouted.

“Quickly, HK, T3, get out of here quick, open up the Ebon Hawk and start the engines!” Sera shouted at the two Droids, before turning to Slobba, “I’m going to put an end to your miserable life Slobba!” Sera immediately threw her Lightsaber at some of the servants with Lightsabers, “You’ve been a burden of mine for many years and I will stop you!”

Stop me?” Slobba asked, “Nothing can stop me. The cortosis crystal has made me immortal.”

Sera ignored all of the servants around her and she leapt towards Slobba, throwing her Lightsaber into his heart. Slobba yelled out in pain, but he remained alive. Kav, however, was dying and he fell to the ground. The servants also fell to the ground, dying. Soon Slobba’s cries softened and he silenced. He was dead. Sera took out the Lightsaber and returned it once again to her belt. Kav was still alive. Sera ran over to him.

“Are you alright?” Sera asked.

“I’m dying…” Kav told Sera, “I, Kav… will die. But before I do, I know things that might help you,” He paused and groaned, “Slobba worked for a Sith Lord, hidden on a planet in the Unknown Regions, known as Tramond XXV.”

“Do you know anything about the Sith Lord?” Sera asked.

Kav said nothing more as he died in Sera’s arms.
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