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Shadow glanced from his position at the fight that ensued. Shadow had been smiling because he was remembering a good past memory. Now his thoughts were no longer on the past but on the present and his look was that of concern. Shadow wasn't worried by Zeryl. Cyphon had offered an open challenge and Zeryl had accepted that. Zeryl had been asking for it. Jynn was more of his concern.

Though he generally did not know her, he could tell that this Kante Rhun had a significant affect on her. He probably was her master before Order 66. Every Jedi seemed to lost someone close during Order 66. Though Jedi weren't allowed attachments, it was pretty hard not to become attached to the one you were trainning or being trained by. Shadow knew this personally because he had been training his own padawan for about a year when Order 66 was issued. Her death had affected him significantly. He had still moved on, as least he thinks so. But now Jynn was reffering to Jedi as if she wasn't one of them. She needed guidence, especially here, if she was going to make it through this without falling. In his opinion, at least. He did not know Jynn enough to make any accurate assupmtions.

Fighting each other did not help, even if Jynn and Zeryl had to resolve their differances one way or another. Fghting an opponent that they would not succeed against even if they worked together did not help either. They needed to get in an actual fight where if they didn't work together they would die. Not where they had to figure out rules or fight till exhaustian. Of course he was probably judging too quickly. Cyphon was a smart and wise person who didn't waste time. Shadow would just have to watch and see, surpressing the urge to go in and correct them like he would a clone who was using a weapon wrong.
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