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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
You do realize that by arguing in favor of moral relativism, Windu6, that your constant anti-nazi screed seems a little neurotic. W/o objective standards of morality, there is no reason not to kill people if you've the power to do so. It's not "nice", but then why should that matter. With no definite good or evil, all actions are basically amoral in nature and equally "good" or "bad". Subjective morality is a thinly veiled defence for people who feel that they should be ablee to do ANYTHING they like, regardless of the consequences of such actions. It is somewhat symptomatic of increasingly narcisistic cultures.
Well, I hate the evil of the Nazis that much so if it makes me seem neurotic, then so be it.

As for the topic; the possible contradiction of moral relativism just is going to have to be accepted as a conclusion to live with.
Since we don't know the morality of existence.

The only people I am going to believe with some confidence, that are amoral are the ones that lack no emotions or contain no empathy.

I don't think there is no practical way, not an impossible way to be objective in defining the principles of right or wrong or good of evil.
Since we all have emotions and linked good or evil feelings for each other.
And any development of morality standards seem to stem from these properties.

I agree, that it is just is going to have to be a choice to follow the path of the light or the path of the darkside for the individual.

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