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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Well, if we're to operate via Lucasian logic (re SWRoS), then you can't be a moral relativist if you're sith, only jedi. Kinda funny when the "good guys" can't differentiate good from evil.
I don't know if one can differentiate between good or evil.
Since we don't know if a choice of morality is the way or no choice of morality.
We are not sure if we live in a evil universe, where evil is suppose to rule all.
Or a neutral universe, where it is suppose to be left as a choice of the specific inhabitants to form their own morality standards; good or evil.
This will remain an uncertainty, in my opinion until we obtain the rules of existence that will possibly tell us which interpretation is the truth.

I believe we live in a neutral universe; so good or evil vied for power or a neutral that influence both *cough* Kreia.
Unless I'm missing something else.

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