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Originally Posted by chevy05
I am using the 6.09 with my 9800 Pro, so I do not believe that the new 6.10 is going to help a game that is several years old. The 512 MB issue might make be a possibility for me as I thought the game worked ok when I had only 512 MB and now I have 1Gb, but I also had a 3Dfx 5500 PCI Voodoo card and was playing in Glide mode instead of Direct X. The Voodoo PCI card died on me, and that is when I threw in a 9800 Pro and more memory. Hmmmm.
I never had any luck with Glide wrappers, but that was when I only had a 1Ghz processor, but now I have 3Ghz with twice the memory. Hmmm.
Hi chevy05! I tried to use the following wrapper without success:

Maybe it works on your system...however, do you know other versions of Glide Wrappers?
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