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Some pretty interesting and valid points raised YertyL. I am miffed by the 'magical orbital bombardment' and the cap ship hero tactic. I know there is a big difference between AI and human players however the ZC heroes are not overly powerful when controlled by AI, except for Fenn. I attacked (which I agree is different from BEING attacked by ZC heroes) a planet with every ZC hero on it, plus a couple of defilers, and granted my inital pop cap was 10(!) I wasted the heroes with less losses than expected. Granted if I had a regular pop cap of say 3-4 I would probably have been in trouble. But I do agree Fenn is incredible. He basically nullifies a hero. He has killed both Vader and Fett on seperate occassions in my games without breaking a sweat. Vader has become a punching bag it seems.
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