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Originally Posted by Rei_Nokato
It was thin cardboard (alike to the original box). On the front it had a small version of the box cover. When you opened it there were two pockets on each side for Disc A and B. On the pockets was a print of the fresco aztec art that you see on the save and load screen (the nifty storyboard that shows your progress.. that thing). And on the back was a pic of... that Manny and Glottis bonewagon one, I think. Or a LucasArts symbol, I'm not sure. It's been so long since I saw it, can't really remember.

But it was so awesome. ; ;
Isn't that the CD case for all the Grim Fandango editions? That's what mine came in anyway and it's completely battered now. But yes the pic on the back is the bonewagon one!

I found out about Grim Fandango because my older brother had borrowed it off a friend. I watched him play part of it and got it for myself when I was a little older and have been obSESSED with it ever since - that was 7 glorious years ago...
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