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Yup, that's the page-slash-file I'm looking for. In fact, I even dug up what the page used to say:

"The Updated EXE: The easiest solution for Windows users is to download and unzip the updated version of the Sam & Max Hit the Road EXE file. You'll still need your CD, of course. All you need to do after unzipping the EXE (named "Sam & Max Hit the Road.exe") is to put your original DOS version of Sam & Max in the CD drive, run the new EXE you downloaded, and that's it!

This new Windows compatible version of Sam & Max Hit the Road is designed to autodetect your Sam & Max CD in the drive, and load it up, and start playing. The game should be playing perfecttly with sound and music and smooth graphics.

This updated version has some new "smoothed" video modes to help the game look a little more modern on new systems. However, if you don't like them and want to play the game in its original pixely form, you can change it back via the instructions on this site."

The file used to be, which also doesn't exist. :-(
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