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A small update but it includes some pretty big things...
First off is the Tector Class Star Destroyer. It was modelled by Cody back in June I think and it was and skinned by knickers.
Its squaring off against the Chiss Star Destroyer. This was modelled by me and skinned by Knickers.
Tector And Chiss SD top view
Tector and Chiss SD bottom view
The Chiss class Star Destroyer is the main capital ship of both the Empire of the Hand and Chiss Ascendancy when R3 rolls around. The Tector is an Imperial capital ship better suited to taking shipyards, capital ships and Starbases than the Imperial class.

Finally we have the TIE Phantom, modelled by me and skinned by Knickers. This fighter is for the Empire, buildable at Aeten 2.
TIE Phantom
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