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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Frankly, yeah, I'd have no problem pulling the switch, saying "fire" or whatever was necessary to eliminate the likes of a SH or OBL or etc...
Then you and I are very different people, and I am very glad I'm not you.

Actually, you're incorrect when you compare executing someone guilty of SH's crimes/acts with what he's done. It's a real case of apples and oranges with the only remote similarity being death as part of the equation.
I consider the 'death' part to be a little more significant than a 'remote part of the equation.' I don't see how you can justify killing someone you have in custody when there is nothing they can do to harm anyone else.

Honestly, I don't think that anyone believes that the killing of one person somehow magically undoes whatever crime that person's guilty of in the first place. However, the dp is a deterrent in one very real way, that person will no longer be capable of killing again.
So will life in prison. What's your point? Killing's better? Why? Remember that this execution will no doubt absolutely inflame a lot of people. This will not be a deterrence to anyone else either, not that the death penalty ever was. Kim Jong-il is not going to think, "Oh my, they got him, maybe I should mend my dastardly ways!"

However, Sam, what prescription do you have for the problem? Should he be sent to a prison in the US? Maybe share a cell w/Noriega? How do you solve the problem of Saddam?
Put him in a hole and keep him there, just like everyone else that is a danger to society. He's not special.

And at what cost?
At what cost, you say. Am I somehow to believe that we have suddenly decided to become concerned about how much money it will cost to keep one man alive for maybe twenty years? The Iraq war has cost around $340,055,700,000. Keeping Saddam alive would cost us about one bomb a year (30k). I think we might be able to spare it. I hear the DoD has some cash.
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