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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
So...your stance on morality is that the UNIVERSE itself dictates what is a proper morality?
Maybe, we don't know if the universe is a living entity, ET.
I am assuming with your strict use of logic you probably won't ever accept that possibility.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
Could you perhaps clarify that because it makes approximately no sense to me at the moment.
Well, my belief is the possible existence of the Force.

All the matter in the universe is linked in the Quantum-Vacuum(zero-point field region) of spacetime.
By the interaction of all the wavefunctions of all the living inhabitents in the universe, through the Quantum-Vacuum's and inertia quantize standing wave or fluctuating mass fields and energy fields fluctuations(Quantum Field Theory) of all the matter present in the universe.
So the theory that is out there is that our collective consciousness is linked through this Quantum-Vacuum.

My theory of the physics of the Force:

Electrons that are the lowest forms of matter that can transmit information, they can transmit this information faster than light to other electrons throughout the universe.
This effect is called Spooky action at a distance.
It is also called quantum entanglement, this is when two different electrons have different spin states that if one spin state is change for one particle the other electron spin state will change simultaneously.
The space seperation distance don't matter, their states will change faster than light no matter how far they are apart.This effect can be interpreted as the influence Obi-Wan Kenobi had through the Force when Alderan was destroyed by the Death Star in Ep VI:A New Hope.
The disturbance he felt obviously was transmitted faster than light.

So electrons and all matter is linked throughout the universe by the manipulation of a hidden variable that is maybe the hyperspace of science fiction.
A extra dimension of space where electron quantum leap orbital energy transitions is theorize to take place in, as define as the orbital transitions that occur inside the atom when the atom interact with photons.

Our consciousness which work by the physics of electromgnetism, can be thought as information or entropy that maybe can be exchange through all the collective consciousness of all the life in the universe.
By way of the vacuum energy fluctuations of this hyperspace of the Quantum-Vacuum.
So like cells in molecular living matter, the collective consciousness of the living beings in the universe may work in mutual cooperation to make the universe information content act like a living entity that have different quantum chaotic entropy states, like for example the molecular living cells biochemistry states.
Also a similar example, is when cells absorb or expel biochemical energy or change the configurations of biochemical states as the cells interact with their environment.

This collective consciousness of the quantum linked chaotic states of this collective entity, may have different influences on the consciousness of each specific inhabitent's emotional potential energy states and the mutual empathy information kinetic energy exchange of the consciousness electromagnetic field energy values.
The information kinetic energy exchange of the consciousness electromagnetic field energy occurs between specific individuals, because of the of the feelings we have for each other. Feelings in my definition is the information kinetic energy exchange of the mutual consciousness of individuals.

So depending on the configuration of quantum linked chaotic entropy states and the effects it's influences will have on the emotions and empathy of the inhabitents of this universe.
Any changes to the quantum entropy states will have specific effects on the life in the universe that can cause major changes to the emotions of a linked collective consciousness of that life that can inturn also have major effects on empathy states between the life individuals, in which these action effects can be possibly interpreted as good or evil entities; for Star Wars the lightside energy or the darkside energy.

Also since good or evil maybe left as the choice of the specific inhabitents, the quantum chaotic energy configurations states can affect the specific inhabitents emotions and feelings in such extreme ways that the collective consciousness of all the life in the universe may develop specific entities, that will have probably also have definite quantum choatic entropy energy locations spread throughout the universe that can either be define as evil in some locations or define as good in other locations throughout the universal entity. That will depend on the level of evil thoughts and the level of good thoughts throughout the linked consciousness of the life forms, that the universal entity is made of and manipulation by the life forms specific consciousness that whole universal entity is affected by.

This is another possible explanation for good or evil, in my opinion.
Well, in a Quantum Physics definition.

This is why I have been believing for while that the Force maybe a real entity in this universe because of the quantum entanglement of matter.

For people who are clueless or don't understand the concept of the Force:

What I am trying to say that our thoughts and other life forms thoughts that are linked by quantum entanglement , be they good or evil thoughts probably make the universe function like a living being as a whole.
The concentration of the level of good or evil thoughts throughout the universe will create specific regions throughout the universe that will be polarize to more evil or more good that is dependent on the connected interacted consciousness of all the life in the universe.
These specific regions will determine the relative moral standards, that will be in the alignment of either positive good or negative evil standards for the life forms in those specific regions.
Also since our collective thoughts will also interact with the nonliving matter because our thoughts functions via the electromagnetic field energy of the Milky Way's elecromagnetic field, that is also linked Quantum Mechanically by entanglement, to all the protons, neutrons and electrons that all elemental matter in this universe at least, is made of.

The stars and the planets of the this galaxy will have those same concentrations of the so called good energy or evil energy, that is spread chaotically through our universe for the specific galaxies and the specific life forms all those galaxies contains.

This explanation of course, can be understood to Star Wars fans at least, as some planets strong in the darkside or some planets strong in the lightside.

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