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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
I don't know if one can differentiate between good or evil.

I don't get that impression from your holocaust posts. You consistently label Hitler and the Nazis as mankind's greatest evil. So, if you can apparently make that distinction, why do you think others cannot?
Well, in my bias emotions and empathy filled opinion.
I am going to accept the Nazis as the greatest evil of mankind.
Because of my own moral relativism.
I don't give a damn if they aren't accepted as the most evil by some others.
But for everybody else, I am and others who have as much rage as me of the evil of those demons.
People who is mad as me will just have to keep reminding people throughout the world every now then.
To make sure that evil never happen again.
But that is na´ve thinking because this evil will probably happen again.
The world just keep repeating history.

Their possible reasons are they don't want to, don't care or those others don't believe that they were pure evil as I and others do.

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