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Originally Posted by Darth Khasei
The ZC heroes are cloaked because they have to buy black market stuff all over the place. If they cannot do that then the one or two heroes can't fight, buy, do mission specifics stuff to unlock the other types of corruption etc... Naw, I think the GC has the right balance it needs in view of the fact that the ZC is a very unconventional army specializing in guerrilla tactics and corruption.

Petro did alot of thinking about this I'm sure and I like what they came up with as it mimmicks some of the RL problems with dealing with ppl willing to do anything to serve their cause.

I'm sure my opinion is not widely helded based on the boards
Uhm, again, could you be a little more specific?
The black market problem wouldn't be very hard to solve, you could e.g. say that IG88 and Bossk can buy technology or leve Urai Fen as a cloaked unit or even make the heroes cloaked only if you drag them on a "buy technology" spot.
Do you really think it's balanced if a ZC player can attack virtually any planet with 5 heroes and an orbital bombardemnt without warning?
Just imagine Darth Vader would be a cloaked unit.
Now imagine Vader, the emperor,Veers and Piett were cloaked as well. Balanced?
And even if you say that Empire and ZC heroes aren't comparable (although I am then wondering what disadvantage of the ZC makes up for the great advantage of having cloaked heroes only), the fact remains that a ZC player would be able to take about any planet but the most heavily defended ones without warning, space battles or the possibility to defend oneself against that.
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