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@ the above.

Capital punishment is indeed distasteful, but we're not exactly in charge, here. We Americans made a big stink over the "using the Iraqis to put Saddam on trial" as a publicity stunt. we have to accept the full ramifications of that. They're free to arse-rape him if they sentence him that way (though we certianly would throw a fit if they did).

All things considered, if he has to die, then I'd rather we do it. Hanging, I hear, if not done correctly, is extremely painful. At least the needle has no pain to it. Or, again, as I've been told. I'm not one to want to experience that to find out, because I'd be dead and all, but I've no reason not to believe there's no pain to the needle. After all, it's the 21st century, and we've got to have learned how to do something in that time.

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