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If people have problems with the Death Penalty morally, just remember that in Iraq and many other places around the world, it's considered perfectly reasonable and justifiable traditional punishment, especially for someone convicted of the crimes Saddam just got nailed for. Especially in Muslim countires. Despite the fact that America's long friendship with Saddam and the fact they armed him with the same sort of chemical weapons they supposedly invaded the place to go looking for were neatly swept under the rug, he was tried, found guilty and sentenced in Iraq by Iraqis. Amoral, cruel, barbaric or not, they've made their choice and it's nobody's business but the Iraqis what to do with him. Besides, isn't this what the invasion was about? Oh, wait, no, it was WMDs looming ominously over the US and its allies. Oh, wait, no, it was 9/11. Oh, wait, no...well, whatever it was for, Saddam still was a very naughty man and there are a lot more people more deserving of our sympathies.

As for the reaction from Iraqis themselves, it's been pretty much exactly what the US was expecting (unlike just about everything else over there). The Shiites are happy, and the Sunnis are pissed off. Spare Saddam, and you'd get the reverse. There's no solution to the situation that isn't going to make someone unhappy, but at least with SH dead, his influence can finally end and the country can get on with the rest of its life. Besides, Death by Hanging is pretty much both painless and instantaneous when done properly. Body weight X dropped from height Y with rope properly placed = neck snapped at 2nd or 3rd cervical vertebrae = dead before the nerve impulses can ever reach the brain.

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