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[...] just remember that in Iraq and many other places around the world, [execution is] considered perfectly reasonable and justifiable traditional punishment, especially for someone convicted of the crimes Saddam just got nailed for. Especially in Muslim countires.
Doesn't make it more right.

For the record, I'm against capital punishment. You only have one life, and even if you do something as hideous as taking away another person's life, your existence is still "sacred" and should not be done away with. There's also the fact that as long as execution is practiced, innocents will be put to death.

[...] Death by Hanging is pretty much both painless and instantaneous when done properly.
Yes. And when done improperly...

And let's not forget that seeing the executioners' hatred towards Saddam, I perceive the likelyhood of "accidentally" getting certain details wrong to be quite high. I'd much rather Saddam was executed humanely, to the extent you can use that word in the same sentence as "execution".

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