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Originally Posted by Joshi
Do you have 2 (or three, I can't remember) helium filled baloons in the elevator with you? I think one of them can be a helium filled surgical glove, but you need those things to make the elevator lighter and then you can shut the door on LeChuck and get his beard.
From the original post it sounds like the problem is that the elevator door won't close when LeChuck is there, but can close normally. No matter what, Guybrush should at least try to pull the lever, which sounds like it isn't happening. In that case, it's some bug that really sucks.

But if it actually is the balloon problem, then the OP did a horrible job of making it clear what the situation is. You need 2 Gloves and a balloon, all filled with helium, before the door can actually shut. It won't shut at all without all three, but he'll pull the lever and the door will try to close.

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