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Originally Posted by Totenkopf:

Why should it bother you that someone who would kill, or be responsible for ordering so many deaths, might be executed? Some actions warrant more severe punishments than others. We're not talking lifting a few candybars or boosting a car. Should I take from this that you believe all the Nazis who were hanged after Nuremberg should have instead been left to rot in Spandau prison?
To you, Totenkopf, and to all those who agree with you that Saddam should be executed for his crime... I ask a simple question.

If it is right for Saddam Hussein to be executed for ordering the death of other people, is it right for our leaders to be executed along with him?

The orders of our leaders have caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people. The orders of our leaders have destroyed Iraq's infrastructure. The orders of our leaders have violated international law. The orders of our leaders were and are immoral by any universally accepted standard.

So if you believe in death for Saddam, do you believe the same punishment for say... Donald Rumsfeld? Paul Wolfowitz?

If not... you're not being very even-handed.

I personally believe that when a man seeks to kill another creature for purely immoral reasons, he forfeits his own right to life. So you could say in a way I'm in favour of the death penalty. But I'm also in favour of only handing the death penalty fairly and evenly. If you sentence a man to death for a crime you yourself are guilty of, you are merely a hypocrite.

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