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His death will serve no purpose, other than to satisfy a certain bloodlust, and a primal need for vengeance. Therefore, I personally don't see the necessity of it.

In fact, for him to serve out the rest of his days, alone in a jail cell, getting older, frail, and largely forgotten by the world and history would be a far, far greater punishment for someone of his mindset.

Dying as a martyr and a defiant tyrant to the last is giving him pretty much the death he wants.

But, whatever... It's probably already a done deal.

The timing of the announcement of the verdict and execution seem a bit suspect to me, on the eve of an important American election and all. Not saying it was politically motivated from our side in any way.... but it sure has that feel about it.

I wonder if our government and major media outlets (who seem so queasy about showing any of the consequences of war in the form of footage with dead bodies in it, or even a flag-draped casket...) will show his execution... or at least his corpse (like they did his sons...)

I suspect they will.

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