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Point of order: When American cluster bombs go off in residential areas and waste thousands of civilians, it's not "collateral damage" or whatever the military buzzword is for "Oops!". Cluster bombs are designed, built, manufactured and deployed to do exactly that. Also interesting to note, you guys know those nifty A-10 Warthog attack planes that the army and air force use for ground attacks? Those nose-mounted 30mm cannons actually fire depleted uranium rounds. They use uranium not for the radioactivity, but for the mass. Uranium is twice as heavy as lead, and has a far greater kinetic impact than a lead slug; so great in fact, that the round actually heats up so high it becomes molten when it strikes its target. The thing is, when it cools down, it particulates into a fine powder, which then disperses into the environment. It also might have just a little something to do with the fact that southern Iraqi children now have a 20X greater incidence of juvenile leukemia than before the first Gulf War.

Why do I mention this, you may ask? Because Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney et al will never, ever, ever see the inside of a courtroom for any of the stuff like that they've done. I absolutely agree with Spider AL in that the same standards should apply to both sets of leaders, but all of us know there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of this actually happening. At least in Iraq, this one guy who really did order thousands of innocent people killed will be executed.

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