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Originally Posted by Totenkopf:

Having said that, perhaps you'd like to kill/execute the soldiers carrying out the orders as well. Technically, they are guilty of the immorality you accuse their leadership of also. Or perhaps you'll permit the Nuremberg defense of "we were only following orders".
Anyone with even a rudimentary sense of morality will inform you that nobody can use the excuse "I was told to commit this immoral act".

As a purely technical matter, no-one can be forced to commit an immoral act. Even if a gun is put to your head, you have the choice to die rather than to commit an evil atrocity. He who chooses to commit the evil and survive chose the preservation of his own skin over moral rectitude. And though his decision can be understood as a human decision, it is not the moral choice.

Originally Posted by Totenkopf:

As to the rest of it, I simply don't agree with your premise that the death penalty is immoral. Neither do I advocate using it profigately. Still no need to get testy (...I'd encourage you to go off and self-analyse a little).
Well you can't be addressing me with the first sentence, because I've never stated in this thread that the "death penalty is immoral".

As for the rest, I'm never "testy". I seriously do suggest that if you feel that Saddam deserves to die and our own leaders do NOT... you need some contemplation time. Because this isn't even a very difficult moral conundrum.

Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod:

I absolutely agree with Spider AL in that the same standards should apply to both sets of leaders, but all of us know there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of this actually happening. At least in Iraq, this one guy who really did order thousands of innocent people killed will be executed.
Doesn't work like that, Mace. Saddam- like all men- deserves justice. Justice may involve the death penalty, but justice has to be even-handed, otherwise it's arbitrary vengeance.

Therefore, because none of the other war-criminals are being tried at the moment, what's happened to Saddam isn't justice, it's the victory of a group of evil barbarians over one other evil barbarian. Therefore it's not a moral occurrance, but a pathetically savage one. And nothing to be celebrated, rather to be mourned.

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