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Spider--Your logic seems to be that until all other offending parties in the Iraqi war are put to death, then SH can't be justifiably executed.

Perhaps I'm guilty of intuitng your position. You appear to believe that killing Sadam is immoral. Since capital punishment is killing, it's not unrerasonable for someone to conclude that you believe that capital punishment is itself immoral. You just seemed to be "touching" on that "axiomatically", apparently. So, if I've read between the lines incorrectly, then perhaps I'm supposed to come to the conclusion that killing Sadam IS morally acceptable, so long as you kill/execute more than just Sadam.

As far as the Nuremberg deal, I'm quite well aware of the moral ramifications of such a defense. It didn't work for the Nazis. I'm just trying to ascertain how long your hitlist is before SH could be executed.
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