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Originally Posted by Darth Khasei
Maybe I am confused? We know the rebels have raid where they can bring any force into your planet, no warning. What is to prevent a person from camping rebel heroes over a planet and bringing them in once the raid starts?
There are a few slight differences between rebel and ZC raids:

1. The rebels can not bring "any Force" into your planet but are limited to 2 units + 1 hero (+ Han,Chewie and/or C3PO&R2D2, however I find that unblanced as well); the ZC can bring up to 5 heroes and an unlimited amount of defilers (and an orbital bombardement) down without winning space.
2. The rebels can attack any frontline planet and from any planet that is not blockaded by an enemy fleet.
The ZC can attack absolutely any planet from absolutely any planet (even the blockaded ones, since their heroes are all cloaked).
While against a reb player you are safe if you have your 2-4 frontline planets guarded heavily enough to be able to repel a relatively small attack and can block further advancement of enemy heroes by blockading the planet in space, against a ZC player you have to protect all of your planets heavily enough to be able to repel 5 heroes, and after taking your first planet, the ZC player can instantly move on to the next one.

Concerning a second quote...
1.Singleplayer GC with land and space: This is where the game shines, the cost for the ZC is 3-4 times that of the rebs and imps and the power of the ships balances out, because you just cannot buy as much as the imps or rebs until you grow.
I'd say that that is true for ZC ground units who can normally dish out far more than the rebel an imp ones (generally speaking), but are also far more costly (especially infantry and turrets, but mostly ZC ground units cost about twice as much or more than their rebel and imp "counterparts").
In space however, ZC units cost exactly as much as their counterparts (e.g. starviper) or slightly more, while being far more effective than the corresponding rebel or imp unit. This is where balance ends...
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