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Originally Posted by Spider AL
You're confusing "love" with "empathy". Love is feeling affection for another creature. Empathy is the ability to put yourself in the shoes of another creature. Very different. I don't have to "love" a snail to feel empathy and a sense that its life has intrinsic value, because its life is like my own life. One can empathise with creatures one dislikes very much, in fact.

Ah, the light bulb went on for me here. I completely understand now. So perfect empathy would be almost akin to telepathy where the person would know the experience of suffering of another. And to the extent which we're capable of experiencing empathy is the extent which we are able to accurately apply our actions in a moral way. That makes sense.

The ability to break out of our own limited experience makes objectivity of morality possible. Empathy is the tool to do that.

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