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Originally Posted by Darth Khasei
Thanks for clearing up the difference in the raids.

Maybe you didn't read and understand my post. In "singleplayer" GC a TB4 is 600 credits to the Canderous at 2400, 1800 if you own Mandalore, it is like that across the the board including space if not more. Check out the Plex troops at 75 credits and the Underworld Mercs at 325 and 450 credits, do the math.

Regarding space "MULTIPLAYER" look at number 5 in my post
Hmm, maybe you didn't read and understand my post...(or, in other words, perhaps reconsider before getting rude...)
Originally Posted by me
I'd say that that is true for ZC ground units who can normally dish out far more than the rebel an imp ones (generally speaking), but are also far more costly (especially infantry and turrets, but mostly ZC ground units cost about twice as much or more than their rebel and imp "counterparts").
In space however, ZC units cost exactly as much as their counterparts (e.g. starviper) or slightly more, while being far more effective than the corresponding rebel or imp unit. This is where balance ends...
I'm talking about GC here btw., if that was unclear.
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