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As for abortion consent, I'm divided on that. My biggest gripe, though, is that the father of the fetus has no decision-rights whatsoever: It's 50% his child, yet his power to decide whether or not to abort the fetus is 0
Funny thing, that. I mean, in all fairness, if he can't participate in the final decision, why should he have to support a child he doesn't want. If she can kill it, why shouldn't he be allowed the legal right to walk away from any responsibiliity?

I think you have a good point and I agree with you this time. The problem is, though, that most of the time when notification/consent restrictions are put on abortion, it's just the first step towards eliminating and eventually banning abortion. Notice that Taliban-type states in the South are the ones that have the most restrictions on abortion... why is that? Are people just less mature in the South and cannot be trusted to make good decisions? Hey, maybe so!
Funny problem with the situation is that doctor's need to get parental permission before performing a medical procedure (say an appendectomy, life threatening if not caught soon enough) on a child, but don't need to when performing abortions, which are also physically harmful to the child. Perhaps the only way to remedy this would be to absolve parent's of any responsibilty for any medical procedure done on their children, regardless of the end result.

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