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Usually I play Empire but last night I decided to give the Rebels a try.

I ended up landing a single squad of troopers and reinforcing with Han and Chewy. I was up against HUGE Empire forces, AT-ST, Speeder bikes, and locals. Anyways, I was able to capture 2 build pads right out of the gate and built 1 bac tank and 1 anti-infantry cannon. Then proceeded to go lure in units back to the cannon and finish them off. Chewy took over an AT-ST and basically as I moved through the map was able to take over build pads, sometimes salvaging and making what ever was needed at the time (be it bac tank or engineer repair) and took over the planet with these 2 units.

Key was knowing when to pull back to heal up your units and the lure to cannons was major.
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