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A Fan-Made Solution

I recently read the quote from Jim Ward regarding another MI game being released around 2015 and I was at first frustrated. However I then remembered how I've always known since EFMI that it would be a long time before the next installment, so my hopes weren't so high that they were shattered.

But that's not what this post is about. Its about fan-made point and click adventure games. I'm sure you've seen the fan projects for Indiana Jones games and there's probably a lot of MI fan projects too. One major problem I see with these is the (in some cases) lack of dedication of those involved to actually see the project through. However I see a great advantage in this area of interest.

If the people working on these fan projects are successful, they can inspire others who have an interest. I'm one of those people who would love to see more fan-made projects as long as they're decent and not awful. I'm going to research some fan-made MI projects to see what sort of quality is out there.

What is the fan-made solution? Hopefully its a solution because it gets those in power to take notice and see that there's a potentially explosive market here that can greatly affect their business, for the good. My hope is that someone, anyone from an established publisher sees the potential for fan-made games and gets the ball rolling on numerous projects.

There are major hurdles to this that would need to be overcome. It just needs someone who has the passion, drive, enthusiasm, patience and dedication to create well presented and professional-like projects.

So is this the solution to getting another MI game? Maybe not but I feel its wrong to stay in the negative camp regarding this.
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