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Well finally I finished chapet 20 and can post 19. Iam in the process of writing 21 and it looks like the plot will step up. I sense separation and and another familiar character coming up soon. Sorry Pottsie but it looks like I get to still hang my manuscriot over your head.
*waving manuscript still over Pottsie's head*

Chapter 19
He had wounded the animal and yet he was still kicking. Jaqrand saw that his quarry was not like any of the Jedi he had hunted before in those days. He had sent the shot that would have probably killed anyone not trained in the ways of a Jedi. It was a perfect shot. It was one that would have crippled any ordinary Jedi and he was sure that it would have done the same to this Jedi but it didn’t. It unnerved him when he found out how quickly the Jedi left the planet but he quickly regained his composure and made arrangements to follow them off.

Back home he was on this cesspool they called a planet. Even though he found it a pleasant place when he wanted a good time, he hated the place. Nal Hutta was better along with NarShadaa and that was where he got the best bounty assignments. Sitting in the apartment that he kept for his visits he thought about his current assignment. He knew changes would have to be made in order to complete the job but there would be time to think about later. Right now he was going to enjoy some company.

Keegan watched as the rain continued to pour down upon the glittering lights of Coruscant. He was not a patient man and he was a temperamental one at best. The hires to grab the kids were laying low when they found out that they were no longer on the planet and Jaqrand commed to say that he was taking a break and that the target wasn’t going anywhere. That wasn’t the reason for his discontent. It lay deeper within the very depths of his soul. He stood there in his darkened apartment washing the rain as he muddled through the thoughts and memories that he had kept for so long.

He remembered the Mandalorian wars. The brutes were raping and pillaging the worlds within the Outer Rim. The Republic was struggling to keep them at bay and the Jedi abandoned them save for her. It was the Jedi Revan who led Malak and the others who decided to go against the wishes of the Jedi Council to victory against the Mandalorians. It was the greatest of victories at Malachor V. It broke the spirit of the Mandalorians, their clans were disbanded; the Republic was safe once again.

She then betrayed them. She turned against everything that she stood for and began to finish what the Mandalorians began. She conquered worlds and turned many against the Republic. The hero became the traitor. Like all traitors, they must be destroyed. Keegan didn’t believe that the Jedi reformed Revan like they said. He intended to get revenge for his homeworld and he was surprised that Admiral Onasi didn’t already but then again he married the schutta and they had a daughter. In Keegan’s mind, that counted as a double treason. Traitors are dealt with accordingly and those plans were already in motion.

So Keegan stood watching the cleansing rainfall over the darkened skies. It had a calming effect upon him. He felt his rage smolder into a controllable flame. He would have his revenge. He would have it once and for all.

Count Draconis was kneeling in front of his altar honoring his ancestors on his knees and sitting on his heels. His hands were folded in prayer as he gazed at the tablets with the names of his ancestors. The room was dark save for the candles that were lit near the altar. His dark eyes glistened in the candlelight as he repeated the prayers to honor his family. He thought about the time-honored traditions of Avalon. His people were in danger and he had to preserve that which had existed for millennia.

It all centered around the legendary Kirabaros, the Heart of the Guardian. His spirit lived on through time appearing when the People needed him the most. Imagine his displeasure when Kirabaros revealed himself in a Belosian boy, and a Jedi no less. Jacen Cirrus challenged the working order of the Avalonian system and in so doing brought war and destruction. He tainted the green plains with the presence of Republics and then further tainted the land and their traditions by encouraging Avalon to join the Republic.

If anything, Kirabaros is a blight upon our people. He has betrayed the tenements of our people by disbanding the time-honored traditions. Draconis was thinking this as he sat kneeling in front of the altar. He believed that the tribesmen had no right in the fate of Avalon. He believed in the distinct barriers between the nobles and the commoners. Kirabaros had undermined that when he encouraged conclave that fateful night when the Blood King sent his warriors.

His prayers done, Draconis bowed low towards the altar and said, “For our honor, I shall restore Avalon to her former glory.” He then stood up and turned towards the windows to watch the rainfall. His dark eyes glittered with life and the unusual gleam that spoke of the thirst for blood. He knew that Kirabaros had made the choice to walk into the kinrath den and he did so willingly. He knew Kirabaros would do whatever it took to protect the taint he brought to Avalon. That can only add to the fact that he was a traitor to his people. Soon all will be revealed and then we shall see if you truly are the great Kirabaros.

The table was littered with datapads and weapons and leftover remnants of a meal. Three sentients were sitting at the table checking the various weapons on the table and making sure that they were charged and ready to go. They had failed to obtain their targets the first time and they received a yelling from the Republic admiral. Feeling sore at that, they had set to work keeping tabs on the three children. They had run into a problem.

Of one they were sure of and the other two, they weren’t. One was definitely here on Coruscant with her parents. Unfortunately the droid that dispatched two of their men was with them and they weren’t anxious to tangle with it again. The other two seemed to disappear en route to Coruscant. They knew they got on the ship but there is no record of their arrival. They updated their client as to where they were but didn’t report that they had lost two of their quarries.

The leader was checking the power pack of a custom upgrade rifle when his daughter spoke, “With the droid around, we will be hard pressed to grab her. We should probably take him out first.”

“Agreed but even with the droid down, we are dealing with Jedi here,” her brother countered.

“Jedi that can be easily distracted with the right shots,” the girl replied as she adjusted the scope on a hold out blaster.

The leader had finished the rifle and was preparing a speeder’s worth of grenades. He had schooled his children well in the art of bounty hunting and mercenary work. He smiled a bit as he watched them discuss methods on how to snatch the Jedi’s daughter. They would have their work cut out for them when they went to retrieve her and find the other two brats. The droid would be a problem as well as the Jedi and any other security that they would have to fight. Brushing that aside, he thought of his first encounter with the Jedi Kirabaros. He was impressed and would have liked to have the pleasure of being the one to kill him but he knew that another was already pursuing that route. That didn’t matter. They were going to do their job. They recruited new men and they would scout and surveillance. They would wait until the opportune moment. They couldn’t afford to do anything stupid.

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