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Dmitri's longarse bio is already typed out on DA, so here's the link. All the info is there.

I suppose he'll be a little kid when I RP him though since he currently isn't allowed to go to Whispering Rock.

Aaaand... I guess I should put Phil's bio here too. Even though he's really not a Psychonauts character. Or even a human. But I can make him one, if I so wish. So I shall. Ahem.

Name: Phillius Ure
Nicknames: Failure (Phil Ure, get it? Nyuck nyuck)
Gender: Male
Age: 12
Hair: White-blonde
Eyes: Dark green
Typical Clothing: A light green sweatshirt that goes to his knees. (He's short for his age.)
Speciality: Telekenesis
Weak In: Psi Blasting
Personality: Timid, apoligetic

Sorry, my mom's kicking me off now. I'll finish Phil's bio later.

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