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That fan-made MI game looks very interesting, I'll have to keep an eye on it.

About fan-made games, you can see their concerns because the fans who make these games are an unknown liability to them. They have no idea whether the game is going to be represented properly or if its going to tarnish the other games in the series.

I'm not saying that the fans aren't serious about making sure they treat the property with the right respect, its just that for the company its a risk to allow.

An argument I have is concerning the fan-made Star Wars movies that are uploaded to George Lucas doesn't have a bone to pick with the people because he condones the site. I want to know why something similar can't be set up for fan-made games.

As for myself I have started projects before and haven't finished them. I was making an Evil Dead II 2D game using the Games Factory and while I did finish that project the graphics were crap. So a couple of years later I decided to remake it, but I eventually gave up.

So if I were to make a fan-made game I would have to make sure I had the endurance for the project, because I don't want to make an announcement for something, have people get excited and then not finish it.

I don't know if this has been shown on these forums before but here's a link to an Indiana Jones fan project that currently has a demo, and they're trying to get enough money to hire the voice actor who did Indy's voice. Its called Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth. Here it is:

I've played it and I thought they're doing a great job and its really keeping to the style of the other Indy LucasArts Adventure games.

I found out today about a game being made by people who used to work on the LucasArts Adventure games, its called A Vampyre Story, here's a link to the site:
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