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"Er..." Sasha looked down at Natasha. "Thank you dear, it's nice to see you too. And Ness, you'd better wash off before you sit down." He slipped his sunglasses back on and surveyed the children. "My, so many of you are staying for the winter. It's good to see you're all so dedicated to your training."



"Quit whining, he only threw you against a tree."

"But it as a big tree..." Phil rubbed his head. "Besides, I didn't mean to break the windows. It was totally an accident."

Dmitri rolled a snowball in his hands and looked at his friend, his long black bangs hanging over his percular red eyes. "You coulda fought back. You coulda taken him, I know it."

"Yeah... I guess..." Phil picked a chunk of bark out of his hair.

ooc: Not sure just what Lopez did to these guys, so this is my best guess.

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