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The Journey of Ewan Katarn

Star Wars
The Journey of Ewan Katarn


A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars
The Journey of Ewan Katarn

It is a time of glory. The Jedi Civil War has ended, Darth Malak defeated, and Revan showed his true colors by going to the light. It was a great celebration, with although many Jedi dead, and Dantooine blasted, they and the Republic where victorious.

Although, now, four years later, Revan has left the Republic at about three years, and it's known space to further out of the Outer Rim, onto the Unknown Regions. All seemed well, until Jedi all along the galaxy where found dead, and the planet Katarr destroyed, a mid-rim planet between Dantooine and Onderon, the conclave of the Jedi unsucssesful, alas without the protection of the greatest Jedi ever, all hope seemed lost.

However, landing on the lone planet of Tatooine in business, is The Sky Eagle,
containing Jedi Knight Ewan Katarn, one of Vrook Lamar's old and most promising students, his girlfriend Amber Skye and their Wookiee pet friend, Geyyshhyyk, all unaware of the situation...

The space. A deep, thick and intense black mantle that covered the galaxy. Many stars and planets as one lone ship flew by. It had a unique design though. It appeared to be a medium freighter, silver-coloured or so, perhaps grey. It's design resembled some sort of bird, an eagle. It featured a beak, where the cockpit was, and then had a little more of space in a round circle. It also had some sort of wings, with what seemed to be cannons. The turrets where located in the back of the ship. It was The Sky Eagle. Inside it, on the pilot's seat layed former Jedi Knight, Ewan Katarn. Because of recent events, Jedi who where actually alive, where in hiding, like him. His clothes, while resembling Jedi Robes, where more appropriate to one of a Scoundrel. A green mantle was loose around his neck, and a hood hidden. His Lightsaber was hooked on his belt, as he flew The Sky Eagle around space.

"All right, next stop, Tatooine, Bestine Starport. We need to get this cargo safe and sound. Even if we're working for a Hutt...which we are. Any questions?" He shouted out on the commlink to the various sections of the ship.
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