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The twin brothers, Selyon and Tylao, were exiting hyperspace in the orbit of Tattoine aboard they're ship, the Galaxy Wing. It was a small freighter, a bit bigger than the famed Ebon Hawk altough it looked like it, except for the color whic was blue and the bridge which was longer, it also had a holding compartment and a hidden room used for all sortd of things, some of them not to politacally correct...

"Those blasted Sith are still behind us!" Selyon shouted "How the hell did they track us trough hyperspace?!" now the true climat of the ship was revealed.

The ship had been hit, superficially only, and they were fleeing at full speed from some fighters that followed having just now just exited hyperspace.

"At least, that warship can't make the jump to hyperspace since you blasted they're engines!" Tylao sheered " Yeah but those bloody fighters are still on our tail!" the fallen sith replied.

"Hold on thight, brother I'm going to land us on the planet..." she said through comlink to her brother who tried to destroy those damn fighters with the turret.

"Yeah easy for you to say you don't have to risk your skin out here trying to destroy invanly more than 20 fighters!" he protested trying to hit one of the fighters that passed by.

"Selyon hold on were entering the atmosphere...!" Tylao yelled trying to keep the controls steady for they were going at full speed through the atmosphere.

The ship looked like a comet when it passed the clouds, burning and letting a trail of smoke behind them. She pulled the controls with all her strenght and the ship's front rised stabilising the ship. They were still going at full speed but it was now controlable.

"They aren't following us! They fled when we entered the atmosphere! You can slow down now!" he shouted relieved "OK. I'm going to land in that nearby starport, Bestine!" his sister answered slowing down and turning around, heading for the city.

Phew that was close Selyon tought leaving the turret and going to the cargo hold checking if northing they had brought with them wasn't broken.

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion I gain strenght.
Through strenght I gain power.
Through power I gain victory.
Through victory my chains are broken.
The force shall free me." -Code of the Sith

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