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The Galaxy Wing landed on Bestine, slowly the ship stoped reaching the ground. the landing ramp streched to the ground and the ship's door opened. Selyon, a tall Firrerreo came out followed by Tylao, a also tall Firrerreo but a bit smaller, still bigger than a human. They both wore hooded robes Selyon's black and Tylao's light brown. They walked down the ramp together, exited the starport and, when they were out of range from cameras they removed the hoods revealing they're completely opposite faces.

Selyon had short dark hair and a tatto with the Sith symbol in the forehead and silver colored eyes thats matched the coldness of the expression in his face strenghtened by his veins that streaked across the face.
While Tylao had long loose white hair and deep lue eyes that matched her friendly and warm expression of sympathy in her face.

But still opposties attract. They walked through the streets exploring, strangely noone noticed them. they were hidden in a Force illusion that made them look like two normal Firrerreo. They entered a big building surrounded by many thugs.

Inside they headed towards a slimy Hutt that was surrounded by people waving credits in they're hands.

"Stop the illusion now Tylao, its him" he asked her sister "You know I hate it when you do that." she answered waving her hand.

Suddenly everyone noticed they're tall, strange and imposant figures. When they restarted walking towards the Hutt everyone got out of they're way.

The Hutt gasped "What a plesant surprise to see you again my friend!" he said waving his small fat arms towards them. "Cut the crud Lugga. I'm not here for that. I got over the war, you did it to save your skin. I couldn't ask more from a slimmy Hutt like you." he said calmly but with a tone of disgust in his voice.

The Hutt giggled and waved to the guards which aimed they're guns at the twins heads. But Tylao pushed her robe back revealing her lightsaber, as soon as they saw it they lowered they're weapons knowing what they're chances were against them. Nothing.

"T-Them what are you here for?" he asked "Because we were told that you put some Sith on our tail for big credits... I could take the war treason but this is different so I want revenge... unless you can proove me in three seconds that you can compensate for that... misunderstanding." he said still calm "One..." he counted pulling his robe and revealing his lghtsaber. "Please they would have killed me!" the Hutt wimped "Two..." Selyon reached for his lightsaber. "Look times have changed we're no longer in a war! You are no longer in power!" the Hutt sohuted scared trying to face Selyon "Three." he ended. "OK, OK! I'll tell them that you were killed by the sand people and that I've found you're bodies!" he broke begging him not to kill him.

"Hhmmmmm... Fair enough." Selyon agreed hid id lightsaber again the Hutt sent everyone away and tried to contact the Sith as he should after the confirmation of the twins death. He told them that they were dead "Excellent. Good job you wouldn't want to betray us." and cancelled the transmission.

"Now thats taken care of we can go." Tylao said leaving the building. Her brother stayed behind. "By the way, there is one thing that hasn't changed since then. I can still kill you without breaking a sweat." he grabed his lightsaber, ignited it and stabed it in the Hutt forehead.

" I didn't forget what happened..." he whispered has he left the room hidding his lightsaber.

"Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion I gain strenght.
Through strenght I gain power.
Through power I gain victory.
Through victory my chains are broken.
The force shall free me." -Code of the Sith

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