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"Uh, Hutts. They're nothing but a slimy bunch of giant and fat larvas. Don't worry, we're actually workind undercover as delivery guys, but then he needs to talk to us. If he wants to actually live. And yeah, i've been to Tatooine, wasn't that much though. Just a little business settling." Ewan answered. The Sky Eagle then passed Tatooine orbit, and flew to city of Bestine. Ewan landed it on the starport, also noticing another ship.

"Huh, strange, Bestine doesn't usually get many visitors, especially ones with a ship this large. Mostly it's just small shuttles, or big shuttles. Well, anyways, let's go, Blubba's Palace is still a little far from here. And to not question me, we landed here because it's the safest and most secluded place to land without being spotted. That said, let's go."
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