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A fighter exited out of hyperspace near the planet of Tatooine. It looked like a Sith fighter, except it was a bit larger and had two turrets, one on the top and one on the bottom. It had a black tint in its silver armor and was actually a heavy fighter, though it could be just as manuverable as a normal one.

It's engines flared and it cut through space towards the planet, to an unseemingly uninhabited part of it. After passing through the atmosphere, the ship headed towards a very large rock structure above the sand. It slowed down and circled the structure until it came to a large hanger. It landed in the hanger and the landing ramp open. Out of the fighter walked Truth, who was greeted by two Gemorians who stayed out of arms reach and out of the way with good reason.

Truth walked out of the hanger and through the structure until he reached a waiting room before the 'throne' room. There he was greeted by a Twi'lek attendant.

"Ah, Truth, I'm sure that your mission went well?" he inquired. When Truth remained silent, he frowned and said "I see you still wont talk to me or anyone but your clients. You will have to wait seeing as my master is busy at the moment."

Truth went and took a seat. He pulled out his lightsaber and began to polish it, trying to understand what some of the markings ment.

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