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Originally Posted by ET Warrior
Actually, even though I'm not Spider AL, I have been reading his posts, and that isn't at all what he has said. Not once. His contention is that the execution of SH is because it was ordered by an illegitimate court and an illegitimate government. Had he been tried and sentenced by a legitimate jury, then I believe AL would find less to be upset about.
What I see in his posts is alot of arrogance.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
This doesn't change the fact, however, that our own leaders are STILL guilty of the same crimes SH was convicted of, and it IS hypocrisy to think that SH is getting what he deserves if our own leaders don't also deserve the same.
I'm assuming with this logic every soldier, commander and official from WWII
should be hang like those Nazis demons they was protecting the world from.
Saddam deserves to be hang by piano wire, in my opinion.
I wish we had Hitler to hang today.
Dammit !

You just can't keep peace on this planet without alot of blood being spilled.
Every war that is fought civilians are going to die.

You can't go ahead and execute everyone who fight in wars or conflicts that civilians end up being killed in.
If the pacifists of this society want to execute the soldiers, commanders and officals who had precipitated in conflicts and wars, you will have millions of people to round up.

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